About us

Fandes is partnering with GovShop to bring vetted PPE supplies to public and private buyers. This marketplace is powered by deep market intelligence and shipping expertise.

About This Partnership

Fandes and GovShop came together to create this marketplace out of a sense of duty. On learning that smaller hospitals in hard-to-reach areas of the country were facing price gouging and long delivery times in the face of the pandemic, they combined their expertise to solve the problem.

Fandes and GovShop are here to fulfill your PPE needs wherever you are—with fair prices, fast delivery times, and verified suppliers.


Meet GovShop

GovShop is a machine learning powered supplier and contract intelligence platform for the public sector that is transforming procurement through matching technology and better market data. GovShop has been a part of the DoD’s Joint Acquisition Task Force for the pandemic to support acquisition execution. GovShop has also been supporting the U.S. Army, the US Air Force, the Association for Health Care Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), the National Governors’ Association, as well as state and local governments all over the country, by connecting them to vetted suppliers for life saving equipment. 


Meet Fandes

Fandes is an e-commerce marketplace with a mission to provide high value and satisfaction to both buyers and sellers, while working with network of select fulfillment and logistics providers that result in reliable service, outstanding experience, at the right cost. We take pride in enabling growth for sellers resulting in long term partnerships and together we work hard to serve the buyers.


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